Imago Ed.

I sink lower in my seat. Dana tuts as she turns, smug. She’s always so smug.

“Relax, Luna,” she condescends. “The imago’s part of life. Why’re you acting like such a hatchling about this?”

Easy for her to say. She’s already shed four times. It’s whispered she’ll chrysalis any day now. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for skin shed number one. My body looks like a dandelion stem every time I check the mirror—green, smooth, flat. What I wouldn’t give for one fat roll, just one to make the boys oscitate. Dana has a lot; maybe she’d share.

My dread drifts up into the miasma of nervous titters filling the room. Dana says, “I don’t know why everyone’s acting weird. I can’t wait for the video. I mean,” she slurps the lacuna of her milkweed stem, “I’m so close myself, but I’ve never actually seen the metamorphosis. You know?”

Teacher gives her lecture. Imago is a natural and beautiful part of a caterpillar’s life. The changes in our body are not shameful. Blah.

She starts the video. The monarch emerges from the cocoon, rumpled, sticky.


In beautiful synchronicity, Dana hits the floor in a dead faint.

It’s a good day.

This piece of flash fiction was written for the 2nd Campaigner Challenge. The title had to include the word imago, and the story had to include the words lacuna, oscitate, miasma, and synchronicity. For extra challenge, reference a mirror (done) and make it exactly 200 words (done).

If you liked it, please go here and vote for it. I'm number 171 (ooh, my lucky number!). The story with the most votes wins!!


Liebster is German for "Dearest"

This is important to know, because I was given the Liebster Award by TWO awesome ladies! Thanks to Rachel Bean and J at Concrete Pieces of Soul.

Isn't it so sweet? Also, if my Googleized research isn't correct and "liebster" doesn't actually mean "dearest", could someone please tell me? Okay, thanks.

This award is specifically for blogs who have less than two hundred followers, so we can share the love and get our networking skills ON!

So here, in no particular order, are my picks:

ThatGirlAni at Anime's Musings. She always has great music recommendations. Also, regularly scheduled pretty. (I can't remember if I've given her an award in the past, but I owe her a crit and I feel guilty so I'm throwing things at her like a bad mother who's trying to stave off a tantrum. Don't hate me, Ani! I just moved!!)

Megan at Reading for Refuge. Megan isn't a writer, but she loves to read and she always has great book reviews on her blog.

Red Boot Pearl at Book Savvy. Her "Becoming A Better Writer Without Writing" vlog series is hilarious. (I also owe her a crit. Here's an award!! Ack! I'm choking on my guilt!)

Cortney Pearson. I've just met Cortney but check out the tab on her blog titled "Where Are Boys From, Uranus?" It's really funny.

Casey Morris from Obscure and Askew. Casey is another new buddy, but guys, he likes Wolverine and Willow! So we have to be friends. It's, like, a law of the universe or something.

Also, the rules of this award state that you must have "bloggity-blog fun!" I'm not sure I know how to do that, and no promises, but I'll bring a broom just in case.