New Winners! Of Prizes!!

A few of the winners didn't respond to my last post, so I've drawn a few new winners! Yay for you!

First of all, I was contacted by Angelina, who is already an agented writer and therefore doesn't need a query crit. Because of that, I've decided to give her the copy of BIRD BY BIRD.

The new winner of the MS read through is Jennifer.

The new winner of a query crit from Christine is Chris.

And the new winner of the violence/medical Q&A is Rachel.

So, new winners, please contact me within a week and a half (I'm giving some leniency for turkey coma) at jeighmeredith [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Winners!! Prizes!!

I had planned to have this posted early this morning, but my internet connection was on the fritz last night. Which is unfortunate for all of you, but fortunate for me because I get to use the phrase "on the fritz" like some sort of coolio from the early 2000's.


Bilbo and I were very pleased with the response to our Eleventy-First Follower Giveaway Extraordinasticganza.
As was young Frodo, bless his soul.

92 entries, after I added up everyone's points! WOOHOO! I feel like a cool kid.

Fine, I'll stop talking. Here are the winners and their prizes:

  2. Winner of I CAPTURE THE CASTLE is The Girl With A Pink Gun.
  3. Winner of BIRD BY BIRD is Taffy.
  4. Winner of the writing prize pack is Small Town Shelly Brown.
  5. Winner of a first chapter crit is Meradeth.
  6. Winner of an entire MS read through is Jenna.
  7. Winner of a query crit from Christine is Angelina.
  8. Winner of an interview on my blog is Jillian.
  9. Winner of a picture based on your hook is E.R. King.
  10. Winner of a fanfic based on your hook is J.
  11. Winner of the medical/violence Q&A is Margo.
Winners, email me at jeighmeredith [at] yahoo [dot] com  by next Monday with any pertinent info and your prizes will be on their way! (If I don't hear from you by Nov. 21st, I'll pick another winner.)

Thanks everyone for entering!