Huge Revelation that Shouldn't Have Been Huge that was Super Huge

I've been avoiding writing for a long time. Perhaps you've noticed. It's spilled into my blogging. Slightly.

But the other day, I had a revelation that freed me from the shackles of avoidyness that I was kind of confused by, since I wanted to write, and I had things to write, but for some reason, was not writing.

I read a book. It was the third in a trilogy. It was good. It was just fine and I didn't have any problem with it. My thought was, "That was a good ending." It didn't blow my mind, but it didn't disappoint.

And then, I got hooked on that word: Good. It was good. This author is one I consider to be quite talented. I figure this author will continue to be successful, as well they should be. Because they are a good writer. They write good books.

(Are we sick of the word good yet? Is it starting to look like a fake word? Good good good good good good good good whoa I have to stop.)

So, here's what hit me. The book was good. I'll even shake things up and say it was great.

But it wasn't perfect.

And for some reason, when I thought of that, I also thought, The person who wrote it, was just a person.

And I was struck by this notion that I had burdened myself with, that I couldn't write this story that I love so much, I couldn't do it justice, because I'm not perfect. And therefore, I can't get the story perfect.

But guess what? I can make it good. And I can be a good writer. And I can get better every day.

So, once again, time to take off my self-inflicted pressure suit and remember that I might not be perfect, but I can be good. And that's something I can control.


Book-Tube-A-Thon Giveaway!!

My bestie, Christine (WHOSE HAIR I COVET ON A DAILY BASIS) has a fantastic vlog. If you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out. Every time I watch a new episode, I think two things: 1) I should start vlogging. 2) I should cut my hair like hers. And then I remember that I don't know how to vlog, and that my hair--thin and straight vs. her thick and curly--would hang limply by my ears, instead of being fantastic like hers.

I should stop talking about her hair, because I think it makes her slightly uneasy how obsessive I am about it.

But guys, it's AMAZING. Like, rivaled only by Ewan McGregor's hair in Jack the Giant Slayer.
This hair was my favorite part of the movie.

Christine has a vlog. And on that vlog she's having a giveaway, one that you want to enter and win, because oh man.

The pretty! The books! The pretty books!

But I'm not going to tell you what books, because you should really hop over there and check it out for yourself. But you want them. So go check it out.

And leave a comment about her amazing hair. She loves those.