What's that sound?

That whimpering from the corner? Oh, it's my blog. I got on last week to check something, and realized my last post was March 20th!

Wow. Poor little bloggy.

Then, I decided to post something, and the new layout stuff BLEW MY MIND, so I avoided for another week. But I miss blogging, and my blogging friends, and ohmygoshyouguysIjustwenttoStorymakersanditwasawesome.

Proof: I can't even show you the best pictures. It was that awesome. Am I right, Katie? But, here are the rest, and they're still pretty great.

My fantastic roomies: Chantele Sedgewick, Ruth Josse, Katie Dodge, Shelly Brown (who wasn't a roommate but is still fantastic) and Donna Nolan

Kiersten White (who remembered my name from the book festival last summer!)  (and who is only taller than me because she's wearing heels.)

Me and Donna with James Dashner! (who also remembered my name!), Robison Wells (who promised he would remember my name forever), and J. Scott Savage (who said my name should be in a book.) (Don't worry about that grotesque stretching sound...it's just my head inflating.)

Me and Brenda Sills

Me, Jessie Humphries, and Angie Cothran

Me and Mel Fowler (and Donna, feeling all superior over that blue water bottle) (sorry, Donna!)

This may be THE ONLY PICTURE IN EXISTENCE of Erin Summerill, who was the official photographer for the conference.

I think one of my favorite parts of being at the conference was being around so many like-minded people. After the first day of classes was over, the lobby was covered with writers, camped out in chairs or on the floor, typing, writing, laying out lines of index cards. I overheard--and participated in--conversations about WIPs, protags, MG, YA, hooks, plot arcs and pitches. A few times, I looked around and thought, "I totally get all this stuff. I am with my people." It was a good feeling.

So now, Storymakers is over, I'm moved into my new house, and I'm hoping I'll have plenty of time to write and blog and paint my piano!