Avoidance and my new hobby.

Sometimes, I avoid my beloved stories like the plague.  Usually, it's when one of the characters does something I wasn't expecting, and I screech petulantly, "Why would you DO that to me??"  Then, I read other writing blogs, check Facebook every 20 seconds to see what everyone else is up to, click between my inboxes with carpal-tunnel inducing speed, and scarf down a package of Peachies so fast I don't even taste them.  (And then later that evening I accuse Rex of eating them all, until...Oh.  There's the evidence still scattered across my desk like a car wreck.)

So, what does this mean for you?  Well, since Whats-her-name came back a scene early and Who's-his-face decided to say this instead of that, I found some really cool links!

This one comes courtesy of my friend Christine (who may or may not have avoidance issues of her own), and this one is a goldmine.  And when I say goldmine, I of course mean the kind with a diamond-encrusted entryway, platinum chairs in the waiting area (preeeety sure all legit goldmines have waiting rooms.  For, you know.  Waiting to mine your gold.), and chocolate everything else.

I think we can see from this little exercise that analogies aren't my strong suit.

A big part of writing a story is not telling when you should be showing.  For example, instead of saying, "Jerusha was really sad." you could say something like, "Tears prickled around the edges of Jerusha's eyelids."  Or sumpin.

It's not always easy to add variety to your showing.  I tend to show a lot of blushing, eye rolling, and sighing.  Well, no more!  The Bookshelf Muse has an emotion thesaurus chock full of different ways to show emotion.  Seriously, I refer to this blog everyday.  (Or at least, days I'm not avoiding.)  Not only that, but they have a settings thesaurus (although, darn, no goldmine, I just checked), a colors, shapes and textures thesaurus, and a symbolism thesaurus.  Seriously, the work they've put into this blog is amazing.  While you're there, check out their Seven Cardinal Sins of Writing.

Gold. mine.

And speaking of goldmines, are you reading Nathan Bransford's blog? No?

Read it. 


Is that word sounding weird to anyone else?


Sarahie said...

Um, goldmine is sounding (and looking a little weird), but I sure do want to go sit in that waiting room! And also eat the chocolate. And also, Jerusha is an interesting name. And also, thanks for the links...I'm not a writer so much, but that emotion thesaurus (and all that other stuff you mentioned that I can't see write now because I'm writing a comment) could be fun with blogging! Love ya!

Martinelli Gold said...

Yup. I not only find good writer's blogs while avoiding "tough issues" with my dysfunctional family of characters, but I also seem to find the world's best Youtube videos. Or I rediscover Hulu. Or I watch Legend of the Seeker just so I can make fun of it, out loud, when I'm all alone and eating freezer-lasagne.

I should probably stick a canary down those "goldmines" before I frolic smack into them.

Angela Ackerman said...

Glad you found your way to The Bookshelf Muse! Thanks for the kind words. I hope it helps you with your writing--I love knowing you plan to use it lots!

Angela @ The bookshelf Muse

Red Boot Pearl said...

I'll have to check those out :)

I love Nathan Bransford's blog...I'm still sad he's not agenting anymore.

amber-girl said...

Wow. You really are sounding like a "writer"! Cool.

Remember when I started writing a loooong time ago?

Yeah...maybe someday you can help me? Cool.

Jeigh said...

Definitely, Amber. Like, for reals.