Funky Fad* Friday--Winking

Every week I'm going to discuss something I've noticed popping up a lot in books I read. Some things I like, some I don't, some just puzzle me. I'm curious to know what other people think, so weigh in! Let your voice be heard!


I read a lot of YA, and I like it a lot, but this is always something that has made me wonder--do real teenagers actually wink to be flirtatious? Because in almost every YA book I read, there is at least one wink, and often many more. Usually, it's the most popular girl in school, or the hot mysterious guy, and whoever they're winking at is often left flustered and totally attracted to the winker.


Now, I had a dear, dear friend in high school who would wink flirtatiously and every time he did, it was like, "Huh? How old are you? Are you from the fifties?" (Sorry, people from the fifties. Did people wink back then? I don't even know.)

There was also another boy in high school whose gaze had the power to literally render me speechless. Once, under the full force of his eyes, my actual response was, "Ummmbluuuhhhhhhh." (He didn't look at me much after that.) He was hot, guys. But, my point is, even if he had winked at me, it would've been more like, "Eh?" Because I don't think teens wink like they're often portrayed to do.

What do you guys think? Is the winking legit or is the cheese factor too much for you?

Are there any fads in books these days that you want to talk about? Let me know!!

*Fads and trends are different. I know this.** Some of these will be trends. But trend doesn't start with an F and I'm trying to be cutesy. Work with me here.

**My design schooling demands I defend myself.


Chantele Sedgwick said...

Ha ha ha ha!! You are hilarious. I don't know a lot of winkers in real life, but I think I do have a wink or two in my books! :)

Christine Tyler said...

My fifth-grade crush was a winker. He looked like a 12-year-old Harrison Ford. I had a girlfriend who had a crush on him too, and she went ballistic trying to learn how to wink, because she'd try to do it back to him and just end up blinking really hard.

I was most definitely a winker in highschool, although it was probably cool because it felt a little ironic. But I also used old-fashioned words to be my own kind of hip.

I do remember a number of guys saying "did you just wink at me?" to be sure, since it was out of the ordinary, but they seemed pretty keen on it once they found out that was indeed what it was.

Christine Tyler said...

So I guess my answer would be, yes, people wink, but usually when they do it, they aren't taking themselves 100% seriously, and that's part of the appeal. The playfulness needs to be there.

If they're dead-serious, it kind of comes across like a "seductive teeth lick" to me.

Donna Nolan said...

I don't wink to be flirtatious. I wink to let people know they are in on a secret or joke or something similar. I don't think I have ever had a flirtatious wink thrown in my direction either. Unless it is Ruth doing it and that was really just because her contacts were hurting her.

James Duckett said...

I'm not really one to be winked at, so I have no idea how to interpret it. But I'll be sure to give you the cheesiest wink imaginable next time I run into you. I'll even throw in some pants-related comment. *wink*

Katie Dodge said...

Oh, I'm laughing at James's comment! Ha ha! And I'm not a fan of seductive winking, just funny, ha ha, winking. ;)

Jeigh said...

Oh my gosh, James! I think we are destined to be the most awkward friends ever!

J. A. Bennett said...

I saw what you said to James on Facebook and I just HAD to come read your blog. I'm glad I did, lol!!

Julie Maughon said...

I'm with Donna on winking, or experiencing winks, as a hey-we're-in-on-this-secret kind of thing, rather than a flirtatious thing. I will also say that winking *has* made me squeal before, because I do think it's cute/funny, but this was in a TV show (and was totes a we-have-a-secret-awesome-plan-and-I-happen-to-also-be-an-attractive-male moment). It was just the other night, after we'd talked about this, too, so I definitely took note of *why* it worked. And my reasoning is that winking may very well be one of those things that works better visually.

Also, I feel like any teenager that flirt-winks *for real* is WAY too full of him/herself.

Julie Maughon said...

Haha. Like Christine said. The "seductive teeth lick." Ew.