Huge Revelation that Shouldn't Have Been Huge that was Super Huge

I've been avoiding writing for a long time. Perhaps you've noticed. It's spilled into my blogging. Slightly.

But the other day, I had a revelation that freed me from the shackles of avoidyness that I was kind of confused by, since I wanted to write, and I had things to write, but for some reason, was not writing.

I read a book. It was the third in a trilogy. It was good. It was just fine and I didn't have any problem with it. My thought was, "That was a good ending." It didn't blow my mind, but it didn't disappoint.

And then, I got hooked on that word: Good. It was good. This author is one I consider to be quite talented. I figure this author will continue to be successful, as well they should be. Because they are a good writer. They write good books.

(Are we sick of the word good yet? Is it starting to look like a fake word? Good good good good good good good good whoa I have to stop.)

So, here's what hit me. The book was good. I'll even shake things up and say it was great.

But it wasn't perfect.

And for some reason, when I thought of that, I also thought, The person who wrote it, was just a person.

And I was struck by this notion that I had burdened myself with, that I couldn't write this story that I love so much, I couldn't do it justice, because I'm not perfect. And therefore, I can't get the story perfect.

But guess what? I can make it good. And I can be a good writer. And I can get better every day.

So, once again, time to take off my self-inflicted pressure suit and remember that I might not be perfect, but I can be good. And that's something I can control.


J Scott Savage said...

Whenever I am asked to give one piece of writing advice, it is, "Give yourself permission to make mistakes."

It's the most freeing thing. Suddenly you don't have to worry if you can pull off a new genre. You don't have to worry if the story is too long or too short. You don't have to worry if you can do that amazing idea justice.

All you have to do is write. The rest will work itself out.

Peggy Eddleman said...

This was SO GOOD. (See what I did there?) Seriously, excellent.

Erin Grant said...

I love this little nugget of inspiration. I think I have been thinking the same thing with my goals lately, but you brought those thoughts into the light so I can examine them more fully. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things perfectly, too. And, sorry to say, I have passed up a lot of opportunities to be GOOD, because I knew it couldn't be perfect. No one who created something wonderful, beautiful, fascinating, insightful, enlightening, etc, was perfect. hmmmm....

Caryn Caldwell said...

I love this, and not just because the "good good good" part made me laugh. It's so true. I think it's easy for us to get wrapped up in having to be perfect writers, but we ourselves aren't perfect so how can we expect that of our writing? Especially in the rough draft stage, before revisions and critiques. And more revisions. And more critiques.

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Cortney Pearson said...

Great thoughts, Jeigh!! It's so important to be content with where we are, but also to push ourselves to try harder, and sometimes, to finding balance between the content and pressure. I completely agree with your post, and btw, your *voice* is adorable. :)