The Girl With The Pink Gun

Just a quick post on this dreary Friday (it snowed yesterday! And stuck! Kids made snowmen! We drank hot chocolate! Cats and dogs, livin' together! Mass hysteria!).

My friend, Eleisha, has a new blog where she reviews books! You can check it out here.

What I like about Leish's blog is that she does straightforward, concise reviews, which is nice, and she reviews books that have been out for a while as well as more recent releases. She's already adding to my TBR pile.

*pats TBR pile*

*imaginary table groans under weight*

So check it out! Because we all love books here, right? Right!


Sarah Pearson said...

I'm loving that logo :-)

Red Boot Pearl said...

Snow??? Holy crap. The highs have been in the 80s here for a while--and that has been cooling off.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, snow? wow. I'll check out your friend's blog, thanks.

Ruth Josse said...

You know what? I do like books. So much that I think I can write them. Off to check out Eleisha's blog. My TBR could afford some new friends.

Elizabeth said...

Neat blog....new follower.



Girl With The Pink Gun said...

Thanks so much for the plug, Jeigh! I feel so honored to be linked to your blog!

Tasha Seegmiller said...

So much fun. I found you from Chantelle's blog. Look forward to following you.