My Eleventy-First Follower Giveaway Extraordinasticganza!!

First off, Bilbo would like to say a few words:

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like..."
Now, now, Bilbo. Let's not get cheeky.

So! I've finally reached (and now sailed past) eleventy-one followers, which, seriously guys, makes me so happy. I've wanted to do a giveaway for a while and this feels like the perfect time.

I don't want to do anything complicated, so all you have to do is be a follower (or become a follower) and leave a comment to be entered. However! If you can tell me in your comment, in exactly 11 words, why you should or want to win, you will get another entry. Ditto if you Facebook, Tweet, or blog about the contest.


There are 11 prizes up for grabs:
  1. A copy of my favorite book when I was 11 years old, THE TRUE CONFESSIONS OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE.
  2. A copy of one of my favorite reads of 2011, I CAPTURE THE CASTLE.
  3. A copy of Anne Lamott's BIRD BY BIRD, which is an excellent writing resource.
  4. A package including some of my favorite writing treats and treasures, including this guy. (I tried to include a picture but it wouldn't let me.)
  5. A first chapter crit.
  6. An entire read through of your MS with feedback (and I'm a fast reader.)
  7. A query crit from Christine Tyler. (I know, guys. I KNOW.)
  8. An interview on my blog with 11 tailored-to-you questions.
  9. A picture, based on your hook, drawn by my 6-year-old, Halle. (And she's got skills, mind you.)
  10. A fanfiction, based on your hook, by my 8-year-old, Jenna. (Also awesome.)
  11. The opportunity to pick my husband's brain about any medical or fighting questions you might have. He's a Physician Assistant and an all-sorts-of-violence (except real life) buff, so he knows what he's talking about.
Winners of the books, crits, and the package of treats will be awarded randomly. Other prizes MAY be awarded to my favorite 11 word comments. So entertain me, minions wonderful followers.
    The contest will go until 11/11/11, which is three weeks from today.

    So, to sum up:

    Be a follower and leave a comment--1 point.
    Leave an 11 word comment--1 point
    Twitter, Facebook, or blog love-1 point each

    Please tally up your point total in your comment (point tally not included in 11 words) and please, be honest. Remember, even if you can't see Bilbo, he might be watching you. And he doesn't like cheaters.

    *side note for my sisters and other non-writer friends: Feel free to enter, too! If you win one of the writerly prizes, I'll be happy to negotiate alternatives. So...please enter?



      Tasha Seegmiller said...

      Just really committed to writing, adoring motivation from others further ahead.

      2 points

      Chantele Sedgwick said...

      Oh, Jeigh. You are the best. Seriously. I think you are totally awesome and congrats on your followers! :D

      2 points. ;)

      Creating Sarah said...

      Jeigh rocks. I am her sister. That makes me cool. Raspberries!

      3 points (I blogged).

      Sarah Pearson said...

      Because I didn't know I needed a monster stamp until now :-)

      Juliemybird said...

      On Tolkein's eleventy-first, my friend and I threw a party.

      5 points. :B

      Angelina C. Hansen said...

      So many awesome prizes. You are a gem. Thank you, Jeigh! (2 points)

      Jess said...

      My daughter's name is Charlotte, after the book that's a prize.

      Okay...that's not strictly true~ her name is Charlotte, but it's not after that book, though I love that book :)

      2 points

      J said...

      Because this contest is 11s, and so's my wedding. Also, Tenny! :)

      (5 points!)

      Girl With The Pink Gun said...

      Don't be mad but I'm writing because I love your prizes (at least I'm honest)!

      Kristen Pelfrey said...

      Yay! What a great contest! I am visiting from a blog hop, and I am a slow hopper, so what a nice blog to come across!

      Mel Fowler said...

      I follow you, post about you, and read you.

      3 points.

      Mel Fowler said...

      I will blog about it on monday, and... I was the 11th commentor with 11 words in my post... that must mean something. (sending good vibes your way)

      Jillian said...

      I love this contest idea and eleven is my lucky number.

      (+blog = 3points)

      Jenna Cooper said...

      I'm an English major. I don't do well with numbers.

      (but I managed to count up the points and 11 words, which is now becoming more that I lose count of. Anway: 3 points)

      Peggy Eddleman said...

      Those just might be the most awesome prizes for a giveaway ever! And so clever to do it for your eleventy-first follower! So cool.

      Luanne Hardy said...

      Luanne will win. Luanne will win. Luanne will win. Repetition works!

      3 Points! I blogged.

      Michelle Merrill said...

      I wish I could win something in this awesome elevensy giveaway.

      *2 points :)

      i'm erin. said...

      Three things I love: Alex Trebek, Eleventy Billion Dollars, and you.

      (3 points for me!!!)

      Christine Tyler said...

      I blogged, tweeted, and wrote this in exactly eleven words. WINSAUCE.

      Super Happy Jen said...

      I am writing an eleven-word comment on this blog. Publish Wardroids!

      2 points.

      Patsy said...

      Please give me a prize because Bilbo would want you to.

      (Blogged and tweeted so 4 points!)

      Jenny said...

      111 is the best notable number ever for something like this.

      (2 points)

      meradeth said...

      Thanks for the fun contest--and a new blog to follow!

      (2pts :)

      Jennifer Lee Young said...

      Love your giveaways, especially, 6 and 9. This blog is awesome.

      Small Town Shelly Brown said...

      Awesomesauce! I will FB and tweet right now. Thanks so much!

      +4 :)

      Rachael Harrie said...

      Hey Jeigh, woohoo, congrats on your 111th birthday...um...follower milestone :D So great to see you top the big 100 :)



      Keriann Greaney Martin said...

      So want to win because I love trying new books!! Pickles.

      Keriann Greaney Martin said...

      Phew, that was 11 words. Also I tweeted! So, 3 points!

      Oh my gosh, that part when Bilbo gets scary always makes me jump. Freaky!


      Nicole said...

      What a fun giveaway! Congrats on the followers and thanks for the great LOTR reference. It made me smile!

      Ruth Josse said...

      Let's be honest, you and I both want me to win.

      (3 points please:)

      Beth said...

      Torn between picture and fanfiction.
      How can I lose?
      Pick me!

      (2 entries, assuming fanfiction is one word.)

      E.R. King said...

      Totally cool giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win great prizes!

      Chris Phillips said...

      Dude, What did I need to do to be entered again?

      (3 pts.)

      Tyrean Martinson said...

      There and back again, happy 111 followers!

      Rachel said...

      Congrats! Your a genius, and your prizes: amazing! I'm soo in :)

      (3 points!!)

      Margo Kelly said...

      YAY for you! Eleven is one of my favorite numbers, too!

      (3 points!)

      Lydia Kang said...

      I can't believe you have a screen shot of Bilbo during his scariest moment! Brrr.

      Congrats! Going to tweet your contest. :)

      Suzi Hardy said...

      Eleven reasons I should win; because mommy said so eleven times.

      2 points please. (And make them extra big to up my chances)

      Taffy said...

      Just found your blog!
      Love it more than frogs!
      Fun, thanks!

      (2 pts please)

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