Links and A Thought Frenzy


I don't know what's come over me this week. Suddenly, I'm making plans. And setting ginormous amounts of goals. And writing out lists and charts to make said goals and plans actually happen!

I think this is a good time to write out my goals, too, because I just found out about March Madness happening over at Denise Jaden's blog. It starts today, which is perfect, because I'm totally in a goal making/bashing/dominating mood! It's all about accountability and encouraging each other, so here are my goals:
  • Write 1500 words a day**. Since I have about 3 hours a day I can block off for writing, I have to average 500 words an hour. That means no Internet or fridge breaks during that time. I will also drink lots of water and refuse to take potty breaks in an attempt to write faster.
  • Blog twice weekly. And think of things to blog about. Speaking of, I read an excellent post about this very thing yesterday.
  • Keep up (and catch up) on CP critiques. YOU HEAR THAT, LADIES? I'M ON MY WAY! *clicks on editing tools* *cracks knuckles* *spits*
Aaaand, in the spirit of blog linkage, here is one more: Elodie is giving away two books to one lucky person, one for you and one for someone younger than you, so you can share your love of reading. How awesome is that?
    So, that's how my March is shaping up. How about you?

    **This goal will help me get halfway to my goal of finishing this draft of my MS by May 1st, so that I'll at least have something to work with if I decide to go to the LDS Storymakers Conference. (Any thoughts on this conference? Would it be worth the five-hour trip? Are any of YOU going? *friendly creepy eyes*)


    Ruth Josse said...

    Awesome goals! Now I want to dominate too. (In a writerly kind of way. Nothing weird.)

    Hey, I'm going to the conference. So you should totally come. I've heard it's pretty amazing, but don't hold me to it. Five hours is half of ten. (I don't know what that means either.)

    Three hours a day to write?! *smiling sweetly while boiling with jealously inside*

    Chantele Sedgwick said...

    Go to Storymakers! So worth it! And I want to meet you! :D

    Julie Maughon said...

    Dude, if I lived within 5 hours of ANY writing conference, I would not pass it up. What's up with this region I live in? Seriously. The only conferences I can find are "Southern" in theme, but I do not write Southern fiction... [do I?]

    DOMINATE, YAAAARR! I'm critiquing for you, too. But with less spit. Also, "Julie--yes THAT Julie" is the best label I could have asked for.

    You can do it, Jeigh.

    Angelina C. Hansen said...

    So happy to have you on board, Jeigh! March Madness is my favorite time of year.

    Luanne Hardy said...

    I love your goals! Goal setting is the best thing ever, no matter what you are doing! I'm over here being your cheerleader! Enough exclamations for you?

    Sarah Pearson said...

    Yay for goals! Good luck with them (but if you really need to go to the loo, you should probably do it :-))

    meradeth said...

    Sounds like you have some awesome goals!! Thanks for the link to March Madness. I'll have to check it out!

    Amber Clites said...

    Awesome goals! I wish I could set them, and then actually see them through. Oh well, someday perhaps.

    I have also just bestowed upon you this awe inspiring award at http://amberafterglow.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-won-award.html ;)

    Jennifer Fischetto said...

    Hi, stopping by from the campaign trail. I love the title of your blog. And great goals. I'm a bit envious of 1500 words a day. I can do it, but not for an entire month.
    Good luck! :)

    Gwen said...

    That word count pace is similar to NaNo, is it not? I wish you luck!

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