A Post Not Very Related To Writing--But I'll Give It a Shot

In a fit of exuberance at the end of January, I joined a health and fitness challenge. Pretty much, I have an exercise regimen and I commit to eating healthy, check in every day on my progress, post results weekly, and post pictures every 30 days. Also, there are mini challenges once or twice a week.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. However, this week's food challenge may be the hardest one yet: no sugar until Saturday morning. *sobs quietly into fist* *trashes house in search for grapes*

Actually, it hasn't been that bad. Since I got the message this morning, only a third of my thoughts have been sugar-related. So I'm thinking this will be a piece of...carrot stick. *sob*

In other, non-related, non-writerly news, my husband and I went to a basketball game in Utah this past weekend. A few observations:
  • Utah Jazz fans are CRAZY.
  • Utah Jazz fans don't appreciate people cheering for the Heat in their arena.
  • Utah Jazz fans really don't like LeBron James.
  • LeBron James doesn't care.
  • Booing LeBron James only makes him play better.
So, here's the writing connection we'll make: I'm lucky enough to have full support in my writing from family and friends, but I know some people have to deal with naysayers. If that's you, just let their booing propel you forward. Become the LeBron James of the writing world. Because like him or not, watching him play in real life is poetry. Unless you're a Jazz fan.


meradeth said...

Great parallel :) And I agree, Jazz fans can totally get over the top. It's kind of random.

Julie Maughon said...

Absolute best writing-esteem analogy ever. You speak straight to my basketball-loving heart (did you know this about me? enjoy that hearty laugh, I know). "LeBron James doesn't care. Booing LeBron James only makes him play better." "... watching him play in real life is like poetry. Unless you're a Jazz fan." HAHAHA! Also, "piece of carrot stick" is the new thing. Let's make it happen.

I hope you enjoyed watching me quote a third of your post back to you, baha.

Red Boot Pearl said...

What a stinkin' cute profile pic! Has that been around for months...? And wow good for you about the no sugar thing--even if it is just for a week, that takes some dedication.

Angelina C. Hansen said...

If it helps, I'm a recovering sugar addict. It's been 16 days since my last little slip-up (a bite of chocolate cake at my parents 50th wedding anniversary party). I've been battling the addiction for more than ten years. You can do it!!!

Luanne Hardy said...

1- We need to go to a basketball game together.
2- I want to get in on this workout thing so tell me more.
3- I love how you can tie anything to writing.
4- Typing with one hand is hard.

Ruth Josse said...

HeeheeHaha! Yes, Jazz fans are nutso. Good thing I'm not one. I like to cheer everyone one on. I'm lame like that.

No sugar? That explains a lot of your pinterest pins.

Sarahie said...

Um...I will never give up sugar. I don't have the willpower (or desire). So, good for you. Also, I miss your guts. =)

digillette said...

It IS possible to give up sugar for at least a week. I did it for the entire month of January and about half of February. Then my life got complicated and I fell off the sugar wagon, but since then I have been consuming a lot less sugar than I used to, so as hard as it seems, I know you can do it! Eat lots and lots and lots of fruit. That is really the key to tricking your brain/stomach. Good luck!


Amber Clites said...

I'm currently on a health and fitness challenge of my own (I refuse to call it a diet), but kudos for the no sugar! I would go crazy! But I do find it amazing how a change in diet can actually energize you!

By the way I've tagged you in The Lucky 7 Meme at http://amberafterglow.blogspot.com/2012/03/lucky-7-meme.html

Peggy Eddleman said...

Haha! I love this post! And I loved your writer-connection. And congrats on only 1/3 of your thoughts being sugar-related. :)

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