Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

Hello, Pitch Wars enthusiasts, Mentors and Mentees alike!

*straightens tiara* *smooths wrinkles from prom dress* *shuffles notecards*

I'm totally late to the game (yay, strep throat!) and there are a lot of mentee bios to read through, so I'm going to make this short.

First, a little about me:

  • I'm a small town Idaho girl.
  • I'm married with five kids. (So I've gotten reeeeallly good at tuning high, whiny noises out while I write or read.)
  • I have a blue Great Dane named Hydra. She's bigger than me, but too lazy to do anything about it.

  • I love corn in (almost) all its varieties: popped, cobbed, uncobbed. But give it to me canned, and you're on my Black List.
  • I love to ride my bike.
  • I'm dying to be on Survivor. I've seen every episode at least once. I have a killer strategy. And I attended an open casting call just last week, where I formed an airtight alliance.

A little about my MS:

  • It's called RESONANT.
  • It's YA Fantasy.
  • It's about a girl named Tenny who has synesthesia, which causes her to taste music. (It's a real thing, guys!)
  • It has phoenixes from Japan, China, Russia, Greece, and New Zealand who help mankind progress through magical (and tasty) songs that inspire epiphanies and strokes of genius.
  • It has a fox witch.
  • My characters can manipulate things by singing their resonant frequencies.
  • Oh, and there's a best-friend-becomes-more-than-a-friend romance. 

Choose me as a mentee! Because:

  • My story is awesome!
  • But it could be even awesomer!
  • I'm well-experienced with taking hard critiques and using them to make my writing even better.
  • On a related note, I've very good at self-medicating with chocolate.
  • I love making new writer friends.
  • AND I'm ready to get this story out into the world!
Thanks for stopping by! Good luck to all the mentees, and many thanks to all the mentors!

*especially Brenda Drake, for putting this all together. Check out her blog here.

**and thanks to Christopher Keelty for the Pimp My Bio fun. Check out the other mentees bios here.

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erica and christy said...

Hi! I'm from Wisconsin and love cheese. I'm totally intrigued by your mc's special power! Best of luck in #pitchwars. Nice to meet you! Christy @ericaandchristy on twitter