Book Contest, Baby

It was a cool contest, cool book contest, la la la la. 

I'm probably the one who knows the song I'm referencing, yes?  Bonus points if you can name it.

My awesomesauce crit buddy, Christine, is having a giveaway on her blog. You should go check it out. 

It probably won't take you long to notice her blog is much more informative than mine.  I'm pretty sure she wrote the encyclopedia, because she knows everything!  (I mean that in a nice, admiring way, not an, "Oooh, you know everything, don't you??"

Anyhow, once you fill your brain with knowledge on her site, please come back to me.

I'll be waiting.  Right. here.  *waving creepy fingers at you*


Martinelli Gold said...

Wish I could give you double points for this, hey!
Chapter 5 is notebook-written BTW ;)

Jeigh said...

Hey, it's your contest, do as you wish! haha!

Dead Bird said...

Pool Party - Aquabats

Jeigh said...

Cheating, Fatty. I didn't know you were reading this!

Dead Bird said...

As part designer I have a vested interest! I check it out when I have some down time at work. It's very exciting, even for us non-writin' folk.