Confessions I should probably keep to myself #1

I need Amanda Hugnkiss.  (hahaha!  Funniest prank name EVER!  Okay, fine, I'll leave the middle school slumber party and come back to my mature life.  *sigh*)

Seriously, though, I do.  

Not a girl named Amanda.  Or a man to hug and kiss.  Because I already have one of those (hubba hubba!).

But this is the thing:  I write most of my romance-y stuff late at night.  Reason #1- late at night is when brilliance starts sprouting from my brain uninhibited.  Reason #2- late at night I'm not constantly bombarded with "Mommommommommommomcrackercrackercrackertattletattletattletattlepoopoopoopoo!!!"  (Because those four words make up kids and their needs in a nutshell, you know.) 

Reason #3- I blush like a maniac when I write mushy stuff.  If you know me personally, you'll understand that the blushing thing isn't that extraordinary.  I'm a career blusher.  I turn red even for the sake of other people's embarrassments. My nickname in junior high was The Devil.  Yeah.

So one night, Rex was doing homework on the couch and I was typing away and he happened to look up at me and was like, "What are you writing?"  

And I was like, "Huh, what?" *blinking in a foggy haze of romance*  Then I had to admit that I was writing a kissing part, which is no big deal, right?  Because people kiss.  And it was just kissing, not even lusty kissing, really really sweet kissing actually, but I was bright red anyway.

Rex gave me his supportive you weirdo look and went on with life.  I save my mushy stuff for when he's not around, though.

Now, it should be pointed out that the romance in my stories is not racy by any stretch of the imagination.  It focuses mostly on the romantic tension leading up to The First Kiss, and here is where my struggle comes.

Rex is in bed.  The house is quiet.  And I'm trying to write about two people sitting next to each other, and I need to know if their hands would even actually be able to brush if they're sitting the way they're sitting, or I need to see how an entire sequence would play out and if it would come across as romantic or creepy and awkward. 

What's a girl to do?  The way I picture it in my mind isn't enough!  I want to see it at work!  I need proximity!  So, I use my throw pillow.  I prop it up next to me on the couch, let it's arm casually bump against mine.  I let it come 90% and wait as I slowly inch closer...and closer...and closer...

For the record, I've never actually kissed the pillow.  Because it's allll about what happens just before, remember?  But still, yes, I'm hitting on a pillow.  And letting it bust a move on me.

So, I'm curious.  What lengths do you go to in making sure your scenes are realistic?


Bethany said...

LOL! Writing love scenes is pretty hard since I haven't had a first kiss myself... that's not weird at all! I'm thirteen.
Whenever I need insperation I look in my books.
This is me writing love scenes:
"OK, since Bella and Edward did it like that..."
I only do a few kisses though, haha. =P

Martinelli Gold said...

Oh this made me laugh...

Usually for romanticky scenes I base it off of some memory. When I was a kid I decided I wanted to be able to fit all the boys I ever kissed on one hand, to make it special. My husband was number five, haha, so all my romance is most definitely a mirror of my "big five."

So I probably have an unhealthy amount of past relationships running around my brain when I write. Ah well.

My most embarrassing endeavors? Coming up with dialogue out loud. I feel brilliant when I'm driving, but I have certainly gotten interesting looks from other drivers when I'm playing the villain flying into a rage...or bawling my eyes out because I'm so...in character. Last week I came to class with my eyes all red and nose all sniffly for this very reason, lol.

Martinelli Gold said...

and WHERE did you get your awesome new header?

Jeigh said...

@Bethany--yes, you have plenty of time to wait for that first kiss. My first kiss was...disappointing to say the least. My pillow really is sweet and quite the gentleman, though. :)

@Martinelli--I totally hear you on the "in character" bit, ha! It's the best when Rex catches me chewing myself out in the mirror. I usually save my drives for interview questions, though. And my brother made my header! He's amazing. I'm going to be posting a link to his website soon.

julie said...

Oh my gosh, you. Are hilarious!

Red Boot Pearl said...


I love the blushing thing...I totally get where you are coming from--I don't blush, but I think I must be one of the most romantically naive people in the world--I seriously was not a big flirt ever (it's amazing I got married and have 1 and 1/2 kids) so I have a really hard time writing flirty scenes.

Thanks for the confession that totally made my day!

And the Mom comments...I'm there with ya. I shouldn't be a night owl--but when else is the house quite?

Demitria said...

That's really funny...never used a pillow for romantic writing inspiration but I'll try anything once! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Michael Offutt said...

Thanks for putting yourself out there like that. I don't write romance but I can at least comment on a scene that I could write. What I wanted to add maybe to this discussion, if relevant, is just thinking about what I would find pleasurable and just write about that. Someone out there is bound to agree with me and it's impossible to write for everyone so I gave up on that a long time ago. Just write what you know.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I was not her first kiss. Ask her about that one. She's better with words.