A random list

I was going to blog all about the Utah Festival of Books but the HDMI cable for my camera has yet to surface, so that will have to wait. Also, it's dinnertime, so I have to hurry, and the book festival requires a post crafted with loving, tender care. (And lots of exclamation points!) (!!!)

Instead, here's what's on my mind *ahem*:

1) I've mostly caught up on replying to comments on my past few posts. If you didn't receive a reply, please understand that this afternoon, my computer decided, "Well, that's enough replying for YOU!" and wouldn't send replies anymore. Mysterious. But thank you all for your encouraging words. I kind of thrive on feedback.

2) I'm starting to get spammy-type comments. Just a few, and they're not out and out spam, but not real comments. I might have to activate word verification again for a while. Sigh.

3) SCBWI. Is it worth it? My chapter meets in SLC and Boise, three and four hours away, so I don't know. But James Dashner, my new BFF, told me I should join.

4) I don't actually know what to make for dinner. Kids eat free at IHOP. Why am I resisting the temptation?

5) On IMDB it says David Archuleta is 5'8". This is a lie. He's tiny. There's no way he's a half foot taller than me.


Juliemybird said...

Math tells me that you are approximately 5'2". Congratulations! You are one inch taller than me. :)

Luanne Hardy said...

I love this list because I really feel like I understand it. Like REALLY understand it. This last weekend was so much fun.

Ruth Josse said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend:) Can't wait to hear about it!

Sarahie said...

Um, I don't know what SCBWI is, but a published author invited you to join? Do it, baby! Do it!

And, um, go feed your kids for free. I wish IHOP fed adults for free too. I love their potato pancakes and chocolate milk.

Michelle Merrill said...

1-Gotta love computers :)

2-Good idea.

3-I don't know. I didn't go to the one here but that's because it wasn't in the budget. I've heard they're great though. And James Dashner is your new BFF? Lucky!

4-Don't resist. We have happy meals at our McDonald's for 1.25 each Tuesday. It's a weekly temptation :)

5-I have no idea. If he's that tall...he's my height.