Music Inspiration

Confession: I'm pretty sure that when I was a teenage girl, if some guy had sang to me, I'd have turned into a puddle. (I'm pretty sure I did once or twice, actually.)

Yeah. I'm one of those types.

So this song creates puddle-worthy moments in my head. I can't get enough of it these days.

It came out a while ago and I was hoping there would be a music video, but instead we've got lyrics! We all like to read, right?

Also, if the guy had an entire orchestra backing him, it would've been a bonus. Amiright?


Christine Tyler said...

Good enough to stop the baby from crying!Also, I never realized how romantic this song was until I read the lyrics!

Ruth Josse said...

Hey, I DO like to read! I love seeing the right lyrics to a song. Because, of course I never sing anything close to the correct ones.

When I was a teen, just about anything a boy did melted me into a puddle. You know, like if they said hi to me in the hall. I can't imagine what would of happened if one sang to me.

BTW, love Secondhand Serenade!

Luanne Hardy said...

Wow was I wrong about these lyrics!

So, I have to tell you that the MAIN reason I fell in love with your brother, my husband for those who are reading this and don't know all about me, is because he could sing. That was a #1 on my list of things that the guy I fell in love with and married had to do...sing well.

I still melt into a puddle when he sings.

Dead Bird said...

Eh, this song didn't do it for me! But, I've melted by really good female voices before! It must run in the family.

This doesn't have much to do with this post, but I thought of it all just from the title: I am very much inspired by music. My video-making craft is a bit different from your book-making craft, but there are similarities too, in that we are telling stories. Listening to music puts images in my head and is often how I find inspiration for my work.

Sarahie said...

It must run in the family. I am easily melted and inspired and moved and in love with music. This is a great song.

Also, you're such a cool things magnet. I miss hanging out with you!

Christine Tyler said...

You've won an award at my blog!

Wendy G. Ewurum said...

Oh what a beautiful serenade that would have been. I came over from The Writer Coast who had fabulous comments about you.
Love you content so here's my follow:

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Juliemybird said...

It's the full orchestra that woos me. Oh.
I know I've mentioned this a million times, but you really are going to love this CD that I'm STILL putting together for you (oops).

Carrie said...

Great song! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I love poetry and music as much as I love writing. I could sit and watch lyrics roll across a screen all day. Thanks for sharing, I love this song. :)

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Love it!

Regina said...

I haven't heard that song yet. But now I have. Thanks for sharing it with us. Great stuff!:)