Fantasy Casting Call: Who Would Play Your Villain?

The villain in my story is a seventeen-year-old boy named Blake. Blake is HOT, you guys. He's charismatic. Remember how music is important in my story? Well, Blake sings. Awesomeness seeps out of his pores.

Also, he's a total poser.

That's right. He may be hot and charismatic and able to sing angels to shame, but he's a creep.

Since music is such a big part of my story, I went off the beaten path and cast this one with my ears.

I would choose Kris Allen.

Because really, you shouldn't trust someone who's that nice AND that good-looking.


Nice try, Blake, but I know better.

Now, we know he can do charisma, but can he do mean? I'm thinking yes. You wouldn't believe how impossible it is to get a picture of this guy not smiling or looking goofy, though.

This will have to do:

What dastardly plans are you forming behind that pretty face, Blake? Don't make me send Tenny after you!

*ahem* I'm not flirting with the villain. I'm not.

So, who would play your villain?


Ruth Josse said...

Never trust someone who's nice. No one does nice just to be nice. Hello alterior motives! Nice=Evil. Am I alone on this?

My villian is nice (see?) and sweet on the surface but black and evil on the inside. I'm thinking Kate Mara would do a fine job of playing Keegan.

Juliemybird said...

This one cracks me up. I love that last picture, and that it's the closest Kris Allen apparently gets to sneering. Hilarious. :)

Christine Tyler said...

The last picture makes me with that Blake would concoct all his major plans while playing guitar.

Love it. Cute guy too. I saw the American Idol watermark. Was he on that show? How far did he get?

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Great post! Oh geez, who would play my villain. This is really, really hard. I gotta stew on this one:)